Staying at the Hotel Calamosca you will discover South Eastern Sardinia not only Sea and Beaches, but also History, Culture and Traditions. A land to live and visit all year round. Discover a fantastic territory that will amaze you every day. From the splendid beaches to a hinterland rich in historical monuments.
A rich program of events and shows distributed throughout the territory awaits you.


Immense and beautiful city beach, eight kilometers of coastline between Cagliari and Quartu Sant’Elena: soft sand, blue sea, relaxation, fun and sport. The Poetto beach is wide in all its extension, the water is clear and the seabed is sandy and shallow for tens of meters, ideal for children to play.
The shoreline is an irresistible attraction for long walks.
On foot, with rollerblading or by bike in a very modern promenade perfect for jogging, biking, rollerblading and skateboarding.


Cagliari is the main and most populous city of the island, in the center a metropolitan area of 430,000 inhabitants (over 150 in the capital alone), as well as the gateway to Sardinia.

Main places to visit:

  • The castle
  • The Cathedral of Santa Maria
  • The National Archaeological Museum and the Citadel of Museums
  • The Bastion of Saint Remy
  • The San Benedetto market

Torre dei Segnali

You can climb up to the seventeenth-century tower along the promontory from the Hotel Calamosca, with a one-hour journey, beautiful at night.
Rich in history and natural beauty, from the charm of the lighthouse with its seventeenth-century tower to the fort of sant Ignazio, where you can admire all the beauty of the city, as it was built 95 meters above the sea level; continuing on the left we find the path that leads us to the saddle of the devil, the symbolic place of Cagliari. A path on the promontory symbol of the city of Cagliari, overlooking the Poetto beach and the Molentargius lagoon, among wormwood and mastic plants and the ruins of ancient cult structures and defensive towers. Magical place rich in flora and fauna, history and legends, an ideal place to spend moments of leisure but especially relaxation.

Forte Sant'Ignazio

Also interesting are the ruins of the Fort of Sant’Elia, improperly known as Fortino di Sant’Ignazio, located in an area of the hill of Sant’Elia. The building is located on a privileged vantage point from which you can enjoy a complete view of the city, dates back to the end of 1792.
The construction of the Fort, better known as Fortino di Sant'Ignazio, dates back to the end of 1792.
It was designed by the military engineer Franco Lorenzo, to cope with French attacks from the sea.
Calamosca knows how to give its visitors a perfect mix of culture and nature. Located between the center of Cagliari and the Poetto seafront, it is an area capable of making every passing person feel perpetually on vacation, the sun, the sea immersed in a perfect combination of authentic flavors and aromas.